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Artist name : Blaise
Birth place:UK
Resides in: Fort Walton Beach, Fl.
Last project: Scrilla Promo
Upcoming project: Mr.Chamberlain
Label: ScrillaLLC

25 year old Blaise Chamberlain AKA S.C.R.I.L.L.A (Societies’ Child Raised In Life Lessons Accomplished) is truly a musical child discovering his talent of poetry and rhyme at the young age of 11. Blaise has always been intrigued with all types and varieties of music and being the son of an active duty United States Airman. Blaise was exposed many different cultures as his family traveled the world. Being born to a St. Lucian mother, who would later immigrate to London, England and a father from Queens, New York. Blaise has always had inflection in his voice giving his style of rap a unique sounding flavor.

At 13 Blaise began to record himself using recording software on his home computer and later pursued audio engineering in college. In 2006 Blaise was introduced to his future mentor, friend, manager and producer Curtis Endustrie. At the time Curtis “Coach” had a local recording studio where artists of all genres could come. Curtis would host networking events for artists to meet and exchange information which he call “Endustrie Night.” It is here where Blaise was introduced to a local artist known as Young Tyme. Together SCRILLA and Young Tyme formed a group called Hard-Body Squad. The two artists became very close and formed a brother like
bond that has yet to be broken.

Over the years Blaise not only became a more developed and seasoned lyricist but also learned the business side of the music industry. This meant understanding the many ins and outs of music industry that Blaise loved. He has over the years developed a better and crucial understanding of how to do everything form recording tracks, making beats, marketing, booking, and promoting events to dealing with other artists on multiple levels.

Even with all the obstacles thrown in his path as a troubled teenager Blaise still chased his dream. While it is true that trouble seemed to follow him like his own shadow, Blaise used these hard learnt lessons as inspirations for his songs. All the stories told in his music are influenced through his experiences.The 850 at the end of SCRILLA is the area code of where his legacy began. From Pensacola, FL to Orlando, FL this name is recognized and acknowledged.